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Games and their research have developed much through the years – from being seen as merely a child’s toy to a media worthy of art-status like books and movies, games have grown to be one of the leading forms of entertainment in the U.S. Where games used to be merely a fun play time activity, it has risen to encompass the roles of sport, advertising and learning tools. The consumers are no longer just children, but instead have almost half of all players above the age of 34 in Europe. Games belong to a fast growing media, one that research can sometimes seem to have trouble following up with.

A profile picture of the site owner Iben SchandelMy name is Iben Schandel and I am a cand.scient. from Aalborg University specialized in game design and user experience. Throughout my education I have focused on the effect of games – how they can be used for learning, how different kinds of interactivity affect the experience and how we understand and relate to the characters we play.

My own love for games arose as a child – my aunt introduced me to a world where I could feel like my actions made a difference, where I could be more than I was and experience wild adventures as I traveled through troll kingdoms and outer space. My love for games only grew as I got older, leading me to pursue a career in the quest to understand how we, as players, are affected by them, what they do to us, and what they mean to society. I believe that games, innocent as they may seem, may hold the ability to change us for the worse, but definitivily also for the better.

This site holds some of my university projects from when I studied medialogy at Aalborg University Copenhagen in Denmark as well as some art that I have made. The site is still young, so you must bear with me that there isn’t much content yet.